(en) molly-guard @ centos part one: finding a package

originally posted at http://blog.thesharp.ru/post/2131814818 by sharp 07.12.2010

As I mentioned before in my previous post, molly-guard is pretty neat package. But it is written for Debian/Ubuntu and officially available only in those distributions. I have a large amount of CentOS servers at work and I want to have molly-guard there. I decided to write a .spec file for molly-guard and make a .rpm package. Just after I did an update for my personal builder, I thought that there is a chance that someone has already made such package. So I did a google search and found one. It is mirrored here.

The package has /etc/profile.d/molly-guard.sh and /etc/profile.d/molly-guard.csh files which purpose is to reorder the $PATH environment, because Redhat's $PATH ordering differs from Debian's. Redhat's has /sbin before /usr/sbin.